Outsourced Publisher Relations, Post Sale Support and Introductions 

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We speak their language so you don’t have to

You know your business inside and out. You can explain your product to a fourth grader. You've got great tech, product and sales people on your staff, so why is it that you feel like you're not connecting with your publishers? Does it even feel like you're not speaking the same language?

How Are You Really Getting Along?

Revenue is good and you think everything is going well, so then why are you worried about what your publishers are saying about you? Do you wonder if your product is still meeting the right needs? Are you afraid that by asking you'll risk what you've already accomplished?
Making Introductions That Count

Not all introductions are the same. Have you wasted time meeting with the wrong individuals? Have you thought you were making progress only to have a publisher "go dark" on you? Don't you wish you just got it right the first time?
Business Model Guidance

Do you have a product but your not sure how to structure a deal for media clients? Are you finding that you're existing packages just aren't sealing the deal anymore? Do you feel like your own finance people might not be thinking the right way for digital?
"Yoni is one of the brightest guys in the space. He has a keen sense of what the user will consume and therefore can identify the best products for a Publisher to leverage its traffic and create revenue. It's this knowledge and credibility at the Publisher level that makes him and the Media Vanguards team so effective for both parties."

--Sil Scaglione, Managing Director, CineSport

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